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When is a good time to start a company?

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Staff writer |
WinnerYour answer will most likely be one of these three: never; let me think about it; now. As optimistic as we are, we feel that the right answer is "now", no matter what economic circumstances you may see as an obstacle.

If you ask any consultant what do you need to start your own company, you'll get pretty much the same answer: a good idea, a sound business plan, and dedication to work hard. We can elaborate every factor of these three but we won't because of two reasons: they are covered in a great extent in many books and seminars, and there's one more and very important thing. Courage. As any entrepreneur knows, without courage it's impossible to do anything.

And that really stands true. You can find a solid business idea after a long thinking or by pure chance. You can write a business plan in a day or in a year but you can write it. You can search for a new market for months but you can find it. You may be broke but you can find the money for the start. But - are you brave enough to leave your job and to go where your foot hasn't gone before? We believe that's the question that should be answered before anything else because it is a crucial one.

The main question here is: Do you believe in your project? Do you really really believe in your project, in your idea, in your business plan? If the answer is yes then go for it. Of course, there's thousand of questions in your head, and each and every one seems so important and scary. What if market doesn't accept my idea? What if the market is too small? What if I did the calculations wrong? What if bigger fish eats me? What if I'm not able to do that? What if, what if, what if...

We agree that those are very important questions but the bottom line is do you believe in yourself. There are many great examples of success in which nobody believed. In fact, when Steve Jobs presented the first iPod even experienced technology journalists laughed at him. Now Jobs is laughing loud and happily. Dell and HP can tell the similar story. Oracle too. They are all happy and successful now.

Does the crisis play the role in your decision? Although there may be some sceptics that will tell you that crisis is not a good time to start a business, we don't agree. "Crisis is an opportunity" is old Chinese saying and you could say "I heard it many times before" but it's true. No matter do you start in crisis or in sound economic times, the faith in yourself is only that matters. If you think you can do that - go for it.

There is an old saying "If you are not sure - don't", so - are you sure? Remember that many great companies are started in bad times and they are still alive and kicking. Obviously, the crisis wasn't an obstacle for them. Why it should be an obstacle for you? I will say that again: if you believe in yourself - go for it. If you believe hard enough there’s nothing that can stop you.

Now there is one question left on which only you have the answer: Do you believe in yourself?

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