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Walnut prices in India up by 50%

Staff writer ▼ | September 16, 2014
Crunchy walnuts from Kashmir are burning a hole in Mumbaikars' pockets this festive season following reports of damage to crop due to unprecedented floods.
Walnuts India
Big problem   Damage to crop due to floods
Traders said high quality walnut is available at Vashi's APMC at Rs 1,500 a kg—up 50% from Rs 750 just a month ago. The crop was, in any case, not good last season and this year's floods have added to the paucity. (Rs1= $0.02 USD)

Kunal Shah, a trader from Kupwara, said, "September and October are two months when the crop gets ready for reaping. Heavy rain has damaged walnut production in particular. Walnut production centres are Anantnag, Sophian and Pahalgam. This belt is famous for the crop and it supplies walnuts to the rest of the country and abroad."

"We will know the extent of the damage only after two to three days as I have not been able to talk to my father, who is in Kupwara, which is 8km from the border. Communication via phone or even the internet is not possible right now,'' said Shah.

Kirti Rana, director of the dry fruit and spice market, said, "Prices will rise if there is no adequate supply during Navratri, Dusshera and Diwali, which see a quantum jump in demand. These items are also exported."