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Venezuelans turning to satellite communications during power outages and sanctions

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Venezuela phone
LatAm   Only 2 percent of the country had connectivity.

The Satellite Phone Store is helping many people and businesses stay connected while Venezuela continues to experience country-wide blackouts that are leaving 98 percent of the population without internet connectivity.

According to PostNetBlocks, a nongovernmental organization that tracks internet disruptions around the globe, "the Internet outage was massive … at one point, only 2 percent of the country had connectivity."

Banks, stores and restaurants were closed and very few people came out into the public. Refineries and oil plants stalled production and many sea vessels were docked longer than scheduled. Even more concerning, government agencies and hospitals were closed, resulting in 52 reports of death.

Daniela Ruiz, who was 39 weeks pregnant, sat uncertainly on a couch in the reception area. Doctors had planned to induce labor because of a lack of fluid in her womb, the 32-year-old communications consultant said. "Because of the lack of electricity, nothing is working," she said. "We can't communicate with the doctor; the phones don't work." Her husband, Daniel Cisneros, 33, said he had never seen anything like the outage.

Going without power and losing connection with the rest of the world is serious business. Both families and large corporations should have the necessary backup to ensure they stay connected during any crisis.

Tina Blanco, owner of the Florida-based Satellite Phone Store stated, "Power is out in Venezuela, so we are seeing lots of customers from all over the world getting satellite phones and satellite internet to take to Venezuela."

For example, families that own a satellite phone or a small portable satellite modem can still use the internet the next time the power goes out. Large companies and organizations can set up backup satellite terminals to keep the company connected and running properly, despite whatever is going on around them.

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