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Vegetable harvest in Ukraine to exceed demand by 23%

Staff writer ▼ | October 6, 2015
The vegetable harvest this year will exceed domestic demand by 23%, announced Aleksey Pavlenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food.
Aleksey Pavlenko
Agriculture   Ukrainians need 6.7 million tons of vegetables
According to preliminary estimates, this year 8.7 million tons of vegetables will be harvested. Ukrainians need 6.7 million tons, or 160.2kg per person.

The bulk of the harvest will be collected by agricultural settings - 7.4 million tons. In 2014, 9.64 million tons of vegetables were harvested.

“As of September 21, on an area of 311,200 hectares 5.22 million tons of vegetables were harvested, with an average yield of 168 kg/ha. In the steppes they collected 2.4 million tons, in Lesostep almost 2 million tons, and in Polesye almost 0.9 million tons were harvested.

The harvest of medium cabbage varieties is ongoing and the harvest of late vegetable varieties is beginning - beetroot and carrot, as well as late cabbage varieties,” remarked Pavlenko on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine the price of potatoes has risen. Because of the hot summer, farmers have collected less that 20% of the harvest. This appears to be the reason for its further rise in price.

Another reason is that Ukraine is lacking proper vegetable stores, and therefore closer to spring, vegetables will not look as good as they do now. Therefore, the market will be flooded with imported fruits and vegetables.