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U.S. top choice for sending children abroad for college

Staff Writer | September 27, 2016
Nearly one in two parents (48%) rated the United States as the top destination for their child’s international college education.
Education abroad
Education   The U.S. is the most expensive destination
HSBC’s The Value of Education Foundations for the future report reveals the United States is the most popular choice from a list of 50 countries. The UK and Australia ranked as the second and third choices for an education abroad.

The majority of parents (59%), when asked to select the one reason to best explain why the United States is their top choice, say it is because of the better quality of education, while 29% say it is for the job prospects.

Parents from China (12%), the UAE (12%) and India (10%) made up the largest proportion of individuals who prefer the U.S.

Despite its popularity, the U.S. is also the most expensive destination, with average annual tuition fees at $33,215 per year. More than two in five (42%) parents cite higher tuition costs as the most significant barrier to sending a child to college in the United States.

Over a third (35%) of parents around the world would consider an international university education for their child. Ambitions for an international education are the highest among parents in Indonesia (60%), the UAE (58%), Hong Kong (54%), India (47%) and China (44%).

Countries where parents are the least likely to consider sending their child to college abroad are Egypt (10%), Australia and France (both 16%). American parents interested in sending their children abroad for a college education fall below the global average (29%).