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Uruguay to send 9,000 tons of citrus to U.S.

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Staff writer ▼ | May 19, 2014
Uruguay citrusThe Uruguayan citrus sector aims at placing between 8,000 and 9,000 tons of fresh fruit in the United States throughout 2014. Up to now, they have sent the first 100 tons and are on track to achieving their goal.

Companies are probing the market with new fruit varieties. 20 tons of this year's first shipment were of the Satsuma variety and the remaining 80 tonnes belong to Clementines, which have much future.

All of the exporting companies are participating in the businesses agreed for this year, confirmed Federico Montes, advisor to the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries. "Clementines could be well accepted in the United States this month and then we would continue with table orange and by trying out some other varieties of tangerines. It is going to be a year in which we will deepen the market, with a spectrum of important varieties."

The citrus industry took an air with the opening of the U.S. market and is renewing its plantations, betting on new types of tangerines that could capture the interest of the American consumer. That market means a lot to the Uruguayan citrus sector, which has always sought to grow and gain markets by adding value to their fruit.

"The scenario that was given to the citrus industry was that it would have an increase in tariffs in 2014, mainly for tangerines. That would have left it out of competition against other suppliers such as South Africa, Peru and Chile," said Mr. Montes. Hence, all companies believe that their goal this year is to improve business in the U.S. and to continue learning throughout the chain, since the fruit is produced for the end consumer.

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