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Ukraine-Russia railroad connections almost null

Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 13, 2019
Railroad connections between Russia and Ukraine have been cancelled gradually by themselves, said Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omelan who was quoted by Kiev''s television on Saturday.
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We observe a natural fall in the number of trips from Ukraine to Russia, added Omelan, who did not referred to the prohibitions imposed by Kiev on men who want to leave for Russia, especially those in military service age.

The Ukrainian minister pointed out that although he was in favor, no political decision would be made to declare the cancellation of railroad ties officially.

However, in December, Omelan demanded that the government suspend railroad ties with Russia.

While he recognizes that there is still demand for travels to Russia, Omelan stated that this volume has been reduced gradually, as well as the number of wagons for passenger in that direction.

Last year, for the first time in modern Ukrainian history, the number of passengers who traveled to the European Union (EU) exceeded those who went to Russia, whose government condemned the coup d'état perpetrated by the right wing in Kiev in February 2014.

Ukrainian citizens have the possibility to travel to EU countries without a visa for 90 days, but most who leave refrain from returning.

Oleg Kolomolsky, an oligarch who was suspected of being behind the financial support for President-elect Vladimir Zelensky, charged that in five years, the Ukrainian population was reduced by 13 million, and emigration was among the crucial causes.

The difficult socioeconomic situation, with reduction of wages, rise in gas tariffs and other services, the closing of factories and the war in Donbass, for which many men avoid military service, have contributed to the population decrease.