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Ukraine increases imports of copper 14.1%, halves exports in Q1

Staff writer ▼ | April 11, 2016
Ukrainian enterprises in January-March 2016 increased imports of copper and copper products in monetary terms by 14.1% compared to the same period in 2015, to $9.856 million.
Commodities   Exports of aluminum from Ukraine decreased by 36.8%
According to customs statistics, made public by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, exports of copper and copper products in the first three months of the year fell by 55.3%, to $15.366 million.

In March imports of copper and copper goods amounted to $3.592 million, exports to $6.622 million.

In addition, Ukraine in January-March of the current year reduced imports of nickel and articles thereof by 11.4%, to $22.046 million, but reduced imports of aluminum and articles thereof by 4%, to $53.234 million.

Ukraine increased imports of tin and articles thereof by 55%, to $902,000, lead and articles thereof by 2.3 times, to $888,000, zinc and zinc products by 66.9%, to $8.336 million.

Exports of aluminum and articles thereof in January-March 2016 decreased by 36.8%, to $16.302 million, those of nickel and nickel products rose by 50.9%, to $978,000, exports of lead and articles thereof were down by 11.3%, to $5.592 million.

Zinc was not exported in January-February 2016, while in March its exports came to $1,000, whereas in January-March 2015 products worth $1,000 were exported.