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UK farmers performing better than majority of EU

Staff writer ▼ | January 17, 2015
The UK was one of only eight European member states to post an increase in agricultural income per worker last year.
UK farmers
Agriculture   UK posts an increase in agricultural income
First estimates released by the European Commission this week reveal that the average income per agricultural worker fell 1.7% across the EU last year.

The figures, which are made up of estimates from European member states, reveal a drop in income in the majority of member states. Finland was the worst hit with a 22.8% drop in income, due mainly to a 17.7% drop in the value of animal products.

The best-performing country was Slovenia where average incomes were up 13.3% due to a 11.8% increase in the value of animal products together with a 5.8% drop in production costs.

The UK was the fourth best performing member state, boasting a 6.9% increase in average incomes. The figures also revealed that the average value of agricultural produce across all member states was down 3.5% due mainly to a 6.1% reduction in the value of crops.

The reduction in the value of crops was driven by a 20.3% fall in the value of potatoes, a 10.3% drop in the value of fruit and an 8.9% drop in the value of cereals.

On a positive note, production costs were down 3.6% and energy costs down 3.1%.