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UK detains five cruise ships over crew welfare issues

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 23, 2020
Five out of the six cruise ships inspected by UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency surveyors in British Ports Friday have been detained over crew welfare issues.
Vasco de Gama ship
Welfare   Vasco de Gama ship
The Astoria, Astor, Colombus and Vasco de Gama at Tilbury, as well as the Marco Polo at Bristol, have all been detained after surveyors found a number of expired and invalid Seafarers Employment Agreements, late payment of wages and crews who had been on board for over 12 months.

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All these are in breach of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) and the ships have been detained for that reason.

All five are from the same company Global Cruise Lines Limited.

Four of the vessels are flagged with the Bahamas and one with Portugal (Madeira).