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UAE Suezmax tanker with Iranian oil seized by Egypt demanding $56 million

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 18, 2019
Owned by UAE-based company tanker loaded a shipment of crude oil at Kharg Island Oil Terminal, Iran, and sailed to Suez in late Oct 2018, where tanker stopped, “waiting for further instructions” and flag change, because “Panama flag registry expired”.
Ship tanker
Middle East   Ship tanker
Highly probably cargo of oil was to be delivered in sanctions violation, maybe to Syria, maybe somewhere else.

Tanker was seized by Egyptian Navy in late November 2018 for, officially, “illegal entry of Egypt waters”, though according to crew, the ship moved some 2 nm into Egyptian waters, in order not to lay dead in heavily trafficked waters of Red sea shipping lanes.

According to AIS track, tanker was taken to Ras Banas anchorage, southern Egypt, and kept there until Apr 25.

On Apr 25 tanker left anchorage and moved north, to Sokhna coast, where she was anchored on Apr 27, and remains anchored since that day.

According to crew statement, Egypt imposed on owner $56 mil fine, for “illegal entry”.

Owner is trying to appeal, while crew remain on board, growing desperate.

Understood there are no wage delays, but contract time for all of the crew expired, with little hope of replacement.

Crew includes 17 Ukrainian citizen, 2 seamen are from Crimea, 1 from Azerbaijan, and 11 from Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

Tanker with some 1.1 mil barrels of crude oil worth some $75 mil is seized, and $56 mil are demanded for its’ release.

One Middle East country seized tanker belonging to another Middle East country, loaded with crude originating from third Middle East country and destined, highly probably, for a fourth Middle East country.