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UAE biggest market for mobile phones from Vietnam

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Staff writer ▼ | March 5, 2015
Export revenue of cellphones and phone accessories made in Vietnam continued to lead other exports in February, with a total value of $2.445 billion, according to the General Administration of Customs.
Vietnam phones factory
Vietnam   General Administration of Customs:
The United of Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to be the number-one market for made-in-Vietnam phones, with a turnover of more than US$391 million, accounting for nearly 16% of total export value.

Other major markets include many European countries, such as Austria with $176 million; Germany, $154 million; France, $120 million; Turkey, $103 million; the UK, $90 million; Italy, $79 million; the Netherlands, nearly $69 million; Russia, $63 million; and Spain, over $61 million.

Cellphones made in Vietnam are sold in most major markets around the world.

Other markets are the United States with nearly $188.5 million; Indonesia, $128 million; India, $69 million; Malaysia, $58 million; South Africa, $56 million; and Brazil, nearly $55 million.

Last year, the export turnover of cellphones and phone accessories made in the country totalled more than $23.6 billion - the largest export item of Vietnam, contributing more than 15.7% of total export value of the country.