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Turkey: The number of vehicles registrations decreased 38.6%

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Staff writer ▼ | April 12, 2016
The total number of road motor vehicles registered for the traffic in Turkey reached 20,159,183 by the end of February.
Turkey cars
On the road   68,178 vehicle registrations in Turkey in February
Within the total, cars represented 53.1%, followed by small trucks 16.3%, motorcycles 14.6%, tractors 8.5%, trucks 4%, minibuses 2.2%, buses 1.1% and special purpose vehicles 0.2%.

Within 68,178 vehicle registrations in February, cars accounted for 57.5%, followed by small trucks 16.6%, motorcycles 10.9% and tractors 7.2%. Minibuses, buses, trucks and special purpose vehicles constituted 7.8% of new registrations.

In February, the number of road motor vehicle registrations decreased by 38.6% compared with January. Cars, minibuses, buses, small trucks and trucks decreased by 42.7%, 42.7%, 31.2%, 55% and 41.9% respectively. Motorcycles, special purpose vehicles and tractors increased by 44.5%, 62.1% and 26%.

In February, the number of road motor vehicle registrations increased by 0.8% compared with the same month of the previous year. Cars, buses, motorcycles and tractors increased by 3.6%, 3.7%, 1.8% and 15.1%. Minibuses, small trucks, trucks and special purpose vehicles decreased by 13.4%, 3%, 22.5% and 37.3% respectively.

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