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Tallinners to enjoy free rides on Elron trains also in 2017

Staff writer ▼ | June 22, 2016
The City of Tallinn and the state-owned passenger train operator Elron have signed an agreement extending the arrangement for Tallinners to travel on Elron trains for free in 2017.
Elron trains
Free ride   Residents of Tallinn must produce a valid ID
Under the agreement, Tallinners can ride for free also on express trains within the city limits from July 1, 2016. This pertains to eight departures per day between the central railway station and the station of Ulemiste.

Residents of Tallinn must produce a personalized public transport card and a valid ID to enjoy a free ride. Tallinners boarding an Elron train for a longer journey out of Tallinn must pay for one zone less than the length of their journey.

The latter rule does not apply to trips on express trains, where Tallinners must pay the full fare when traveling beyond the boundaries of the city.

Tallinners boarded Elron trains 200,000 times per month on the average in the five months from January to May 2016.