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Sweden worst in EU at getting foreigners jobs

Staff writer ▼ | July 31, 2014
Swedish citizens are the most likely to be employed in the EU, but Sweden is among the very worst when it comes to getting non-EU citizens into work.
European Union   Employment rate for non-EU citizens is 50.2 percent
With an employment rate for non-EU citizens of just 50.2 percent, Sweden ranks among the very worst in the EU. Only Belgium at 39.9 percent, Greece at 49.7 percent, Spain at 50 percent, and France at 48.6 percent were worse.

Compared with Sweden's soaring employment rate for nationals of 81.3 percent, the highest in the EU, the gap between employed nationals and non-EU nationals is larger in Sweden than anywhere else in the EU.

The difference of 31.1 percentage points, was greater than that in Belgium at 28.8, the Netherlands at 26.8, and France at 22.

Figures from Eurostat last month showed that Sweden, which has just 1.9 percent of the European Union's total population, took in 19.5 percent of the EU's 135,700 asylum seekers in 2013. That's over 26,000 for Sweden alone in 2013 - more than any other country in the EU.