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Survey finds 70% of U.S. travelers not likely to travel to Cuba

Staff writer ▼ | April 14, 2016
A survey by a top travel insurer found that despite interest in Cuba as a destination, 70% of travelers are currently unlikely to visit Cuba.
Surprising results   American have safety concerns about Cuba
Only 7% list themselves as “very likely” to visit Cuba, with 22% “somewhat likely.” Of that group, only 4% plan to visit in 2016, with another 10% planning a trip in 2017.

The survey, conducted by Allianz Global Assistance during President Barack Obama’s recent visit to Cuba, found that 42% of Americans would like to visit Cuba and that the easing of travel restrictions made 35% more interested in the prospect of legally traveling to the country.

Obstacles cited by the 70% who said they were not likely to visit included safety concerns (44%), fear of a communist government (15%), a lack of information on Cuba travel experiences (18%), substandard travel infrastructure (12%), poor Internet/mobile connectivity (7%) or a lack of appropriate healthcare facilities (6%).

The Allianz survey said that of the factors that would attract them to travel to Cuba, 33% said that beach resorts would make them more interested.

That is well ahead of Cuba’s cultural attractions (24%), the Cuban people (12%), Cuban food and rum (11%), classic 1950s American cars (9%), Cuban cigars (5%) and family and friends (5%).

Allianz said 15% of those surveyed said having travel insurance would make them more interested in traveling to Cuba.