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Spain selling most expensive cucumbers in the EU

Staff writer ▼ | April 25, 2015
Taking into account the list of ten largest suppliers in 2014, Spain is the country selling the most expensive cucumbers in the European Union (EU).
Food   0.92 euros per kilo of cucumbers
This is according to data from Euroestacom (ICEX -Eurostat) and processed by Hortoinfo.

In 2014, Spain obtained 449.81 million euros from the sale of cucumbers in the European Union, with an average price of 0.92 euros per kilo.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands generated 327.91 million Euro, with an average price of 0.75 euros per kilo.

Spain is also the leading supplier of cucumbers in the European Union, selling a total of 490.81 million kilos last year, 39.67% of the total. The EU's second largest supplier was the Netherlands, with 434.96 million kilos; 35.15% of the total. Germany was the third largest, although far behind, with sales amounting to 74.36 million kilos.

The fourth in the ranking was Belgium, with 49.80 million kilos, 4.02 percent of the total, followed by Greece, with 27.79 million kilos (2.25%), the Czech Republic, with 20.71 million kilos (1.67%); Austria, 18.9 million kilos (1.53%); Romania, 14.97 million kilos (1.21%); Italy, 12.74 million kilos (1.03%) and Turkey, which sold 12.48 million kilos (1.01%) to the EU in 2014.

The total volume of cucumbers purchased by the EU in 2014 increased by 56.66 million kilos compared to the previous year (+4.80%), reaching a total of 1,237.33 million kilos (1,180.67 million kilos in 2013).

The EU's cucumber purchases have registered a constant growth in the past decade (except for 2011 and 2012), going from 975.57 million kilos in 2005 to the aforementioned 1,237.33 million kilos of 2014; an increase of 26.83%.

Regarding the value of the EU's cucumber purchases, in 2014 it reached 988.26 million Euro, compared with the 1,030.94 million paid last year. Over the past decade, the expenditure in cucumbers has increased by 237.09 million Euro, from 751.17 million in 2005 to 988.26 million in 2014; an increase of 31.56%.