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Spain produces 60% of all aubergines sold in the EU

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Staff writer ▼ | September 29, 2014
From a total of 74 countries which have supplied fresh and refrigerated aubergines to the European Union (EU), Spain tops the list during the first half of 2014, accounting for 58.91% of this vegetable's purchases, according to data from the Euroestacom (Icex-Eurostat).
Agriculture   First among 74 countries
Within that period, the European Union purchased a total of 111.07 million kilos of fresh and refrigerated aubergines; 3.66% more than in the same period of 2013, paying for them 115,880,000 Euro, resulting in an average of 1.04 Euro per kilo.

Spain leads the sales with a total of 65.43 million kilos, 58.91% of the total, followed by the Netherlands, with 26.76 million kilos and Germany with 3.95 million kilos.

In fourth place we have Italy, with 3.4 million kilos, followed by Belgium (2.82), Turkey (2.81), France (1.38), Dominican Republic (0.93), Kenya (0.65), and Austria (0.52).

Almeria exported 78.55% of Spain's total volume, doubling the sales achieved by the Netherlands, which is the EU's second largest supplier. The second province was Valencia with 7.21% of the exports, followed by Barcelona with 4.74%.

Of the three major aubergine suppliers, the best prices during the first half of 2014 were achieved by the Netherlands, with 1.29 Euro per kilo, followed by Germany, which obtained an average price of 1.19 Euro per kilo, and Spain, which got 0.91 Euro per kilo.

As for the remaining top ten suppliers, Italy obtained a price of 1.00 Euro per kilo; Belgium, 1.20; Turkey, 0.89; France, 1.22; Dominican Republic, 1.49; Kenya, 2.30; and Austria received 1.24 Euro per kilo.