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South Korea to carry out safety inspection of local airlines

Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 30, 2019
In the wake of a series of parts failures in aircraft operated by local airlines, the government from South Korea will carry out emergency safety checks on all the carriers next month.
South Korea airlines
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Officials from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport held an emergency meeting with executives from carriers to discuss ways to improve aviation safety.

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Starting November, aviation inspectors will conduct a two-step comprehensive safety check on the country's two full-service and seven low-cost carriers before the winter peak season in December, the transport ministry said.

During November, the inspection will first cover emergency response training for pilots, the maintenance of aircraft and parts prone to failure, and operational control in the event of adverse weather.

Afterwards, they will check on how well airlines are following safety management procedures, conduct health examinations on crewmembers, and look into communication protocols between pilots and flight attendants in emergencies. These reviews will take place by the end of the year.