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South Africa could lose $69bn by 2030 if nuclear is thrown out

Staff writer ▼ | December 2, 2015
The Nuclear Industry Association of Southern Africa (NIASA) hosted a round-table in Johannesburg, with the concluding discussion leaning in favour of nuclear being a vital part of the country’s energy mix.
South Africa nuclear
Energy   The Nuclear Industry Association of Southern Africa
According to iol news, economists have said that if new nuclear technology is not integrated into the energy mix, the country’s economy could lose around ZAR1.4 trillion ($69 billion) and over five million jobs by 2030.

During the table discussion, almost all the panellists agreed that South Africa needs nuclear power in its energy mix. The others only voiced their interests in having a stable and reliable supply of power, they did not stress what technology would deliver this.

A general concern amongst the panel members was that of cost, media reported.

The round-table included economists and members of NIASA, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Business Unity South Africa, Free Market Foundation, and the Coega Development Corporation.