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Solomon Islands to get $2.8 million to help more than 4000 people

Staff Writer | April 19, 2018
The World Bank, acting as administrator of funds from the Japan Social Development Fund, signed a grant agreement with the Solomon Islands Government for a $2.8 million, Community Benefit Sharing Pilot Project.
Solomon Islands
Help   Establishment of a new community development fund
The project will benefit more than 4000 people in the Malango and Bahomea communities of Guadalcanal, through the establishment of a new community development fund as well as investments to improve community water and electricity infrastructure, and to assist community members to gain employment with the development of planned infrastructure projects, particularly the planned Tina River Hydropower Development Project.

Land tenure and ownership remain complex issues in Solomon Islands, where approximately 87 percent of land is under customary land ownership, which can be a challenge for the development of large-scale infrastructure.

This new project seeks to address this through the development of a pilot mechanism for enhancing benefits for local communities hosting infrastructure projects.

This pilot will align with the planned Tina River Hydropower Development Project – a high priority investment for the Solomon Islands Government that aims to reduce the cost of electricity while increasing its reliability and availability.