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Sky-high prices of imported tomatoes in Ukraine

Staff writer ▼ | March 12, 2015
At a supermarket in Kiev, packed cherry tomatoes imported from the Netherlands are being sold at a price of 1,100 Hryvnia (47.2 Euro), which is 859.99 UAH (36.9 Euro) per kilo.
Expensive food   The fluctuations of the Hryvnia in Ukraine
Overall, the fluctuations of the Hryvnia in Ukraine are leading to significantly more expensive imported fruits and vegetables. The average price of cherry tomatoes in Kiev is 170 UAH (7.29 Euro) per kilo; regular tomatoes cost 57 UAH (2.44 Euro); cucumbers, 53 UAH (2.27 Euro); sweet peppers, 97 UAH (4.16 Euro), and cauliflower, 85 UAH per kilo (3.65 Euro).

As for fruit, the price of a kilo of bananas reaches an average of 50 UAH (2.14 Euro); lemons, 53 UAH (2.27 Euro); mandarins, 50 UAH (2.14 Euro) and grapefruit, 40 UAH per kilo (1.71 Euro).

Meanwhile, in Uzhhorod, bananas are sold for 25 to 40 UAH (1.07 to 1.71 Euro), depending on the freshness and presentation; oranges can be purchased for 30-45 UAH (1.29-1.93 Euro), depending on the variety, and lemons cannot be purchased for less than 50 UAH (2.14 Euro).

The same is true of dried fruits, which are all imported. Prices for these products are: dates, 62-120 UAH (2.66-5.15 Euro); figs, 160-200 UAH (6.86-8.58 Euro); dried apricots, 170-200 UAH (7.29-8.58 Euro); prunes, 80-100 UAH (3.43-4.29 Euro); raisins, 65-150 UAH (2.79-6.43 Euro), and nuts, from 65 to 340 UAH per kilo (2.79 to 14.58 Euro).

As reported by, vegetable consumer prices recorded an increase of between 13 and 18%.