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Russia’s first BitCoin offline exchange desk opens

Staff Writer | August 19, 2016
The first opened offline exchange desk for cryptocurrencies in Russia has commenced operations in Moscow, local media reported.
Virtual currency   All transactions are executed privately
The people behind the project operate e-exchange BTC24pro on, a peer-to-peer BitCoin trading platform.

The exchange, which is open 24/7, allows clients to exchange BitCoins for Russian rubles (RUS). It, however, does not currently allow the sale of BitCoins.

All transactions are executed privately and subject to 4% fees over the BTC e-exchange rates during daytime and 10% fees at night.

If the project turns successful, more such offline BitCoin exchanges could appear and its creators are considering its legalization in order to avoid claims by law enforcement agencies, according to the media.

Russia is undertaking actions to ban the trade in cryptocurrencies, BitCoin included, within the country, according to earlier media reports. Instead, it intends to introduce its own national cryptocurrency.