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Russian import ban changes trade flows

Staff writer ▼ | February 12, 2015
On the whole, the Russian import ban hasn't decreased the export of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables from the European Union, but the accompanying revenues have significantly decreased, German website reports.
Fresh vegetables
Agriculture   The export of fresh vegetables and fruit
This is apparent from the export figures of Freshfel Europe, the European forum for the fruit and vegetable trade.

From August until November 2014, the EU exported 1.77 million tonnes of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in total. In the same period a year earlier, this quantity was still 1.75 million tonnes.

While the export to Russia decreased by 90 percent, the export to Serbia and Kazakhstan doubled. Supplies of fruit and vegetables to Belarus even went up by 140%, and the export to Egypt and Macedonia increased by about the same percentage.

Jordan increased its import quantity by an impressive 253 percent, but Indonesia took top spot: over the period indicated, the country imported 13,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, compared to just 910 tonnes a year before. That means an increase of no less than 1332 percent. The value of the exported products, however, decreased significantly.

According to Freshfel, the export of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit from the EU reached a total value of 1.29 billion Euro between August and November 2014. A year before, this value was 1.52 billion Euro.