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Russian government reshuffle launches Russian stock market to new record

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 17, 2020
The appointment of a new prime minister has boosted the Russian stock market to new record highs today.
Russian stock exchange
Economy in Russia   Russian stock exchange
The ruble continued gaining against major currencies on Friday, after accelerating growth on the news of the appointment of Mikhail Mishustin as Russia's new prime minister earlier in the week.

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It was up 0.2 percent against the US dollar at 61.39 rubles, while gaining slightly on the euro at 68.29 rubles.The stock market posted solid gains at the beginning of the trading session.

The dollar-denominated RTS index added more than one percent, reaching 1,635.58 points, while the ruble-based MOEX Russia Index rose to 3,189.24 points.