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Romanian central bank launches Brain Regain

Staff Writer | September 25, 2017
The National Bank of Romania (BNR) decided to launch the programme Brain Regain, for selecting to hire Romanian experts currently working abroad, local media reported citing bank sources.
Europe   Romanian experts working abroad
BNR wants to hire Romanian experts currently working abroad in the following specialist areas of the bank: monetary policy, macroeconomic modeling and forecasting, financial stability, regulation and authorization, market operations, economic studies, international relations and banking resolutions, official Agerpres announced.

BNR promised to give a permanent job - a high position in the bank - to Romanian experts having minimum 5 years of relevant experience, gathered abroad, while working for international financial institutions, central banks, commercial banks, upper education or research institutions.

The bank will announce the details about the actual available jobs, the criteria and the calendar of the selection process by October 1. The migration of the highly qualified work force of Romania is well known and represents a significant loss for the eastern European country, because of the intellectual, scientific and economic potential they have, and because of losing the investment put into their education.

Local analysts believed that the solutions, including increasing the percentage of GDP allocated to scientific research, must be soon found to counter balance the migration of the most valuable people, to encourage them to stay at home and to motivate these working abroad to come back to Romania.