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Risk to UK businesses at highest level in past decade

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Staff writer ▼ | December 15, 2015
Companies face the highest level of risk in a decade because of factors including terror attacks and China's economic slowdown, a report shown.
UK businesses
Report   Control Risks 2016 Risk Map
Consultants at Control Risks issued the warning in their 2016 Risk Map. Chief executive Richard Fenning told the BBC the global risk outlook was currently an "eight out of 10".

Threats include the strengthening of the so-called Islamic State (IS) and uncertainty over China's ability to adapt to slower growth.

Chinese authorities face difficult questions over how to handle a slowdown in annual growth to 6%, according to the report. But Mr Fenning said he did not think the country would suffer a "hard landing" as it continues to shift from a manufacturing-led to a consumer-led economy.

He told the BBC's Today programme: "I think President Xi and the senior echelons of the Chinese leadership are the most competent group of people to be running that country, probably ever.

Other risks include a possible exit by Britain from the EU, known as a "Brexit", and political tensions in the Middle East, Fenning said.