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Retail ecommerce sales near $50 billion in Latin America

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Staff writer ▼ | July 18, 2015
Retail ecommerce sales in Latin America are growing at a rapid pace, eMarketer estimates.
Retail ecommerce
Latam   Nearly $20 billion in sales will come from Brazil
Based on our latest figures for total and digital retail around the world, ecommerce sales in the region will reach nearly $50 billion this year, an increase of 23.9%, eMarketers reports.

Nearly $20 billion in sales will come from Brazil alone, where ecommerce also makes up a greater share of the total retail market than elsewhere in the region (a still-tiny 2.8%).

Mexico is in a distant second, with $5.70 billion in retail ecommerce sales this year, or 1.5% of all retail sales in the country.

Growth is fastest in Argentina, where ecommerce sales will be up 40.0% this year to nearly $5 billion.

By the end of our forecast period, retail ecommerce in Latin America will reach $84.75 billion, or 3.2% of retail sales in the region. Growth will still be in the double digits in 2019.