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Pork prices in China going up

Staff writer ▼ | August 18, 2014
The price of pork in China is currently experiencing its annual hike due to increasing seasonal demand, with a kilogram now going for 16 yuan ($2.60), China Times report.
China pork
August and September   Two months of the year with the highest prices
A study made by Shanghai Securities said that the increased demand for pork in August and September, along with adjustments for bovine breeding costs, caused prices to go up.

In the week of August 4 to August 8, pork prices in 22 Chinese cities hiked up 3.9% on average, according to statistics compiled by the China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA).

In China's northeast, each kilogram cost 14.8 yuan ($2.4), while in Shanghai, each kilogram is traded at 16 yuan. Prices in the provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian also touched 16 yuan.

China's pork prices have been increasing since April this year, starting at 10-12 yuan ($1.60-$1.90) a kilogram. In July, prices inched up over 14 yuan ($2.30), and August is expected to see further increases.

One of the reasons attributed to the price hike is the weather. Temperatures registered last summer were excessively high, making sows unwilling to mate. Mortality was also high during Lunar New Year, causing a shortage of supply.

In other related news, Wenzhou imported 500 tons of pork-made meat products this year, the largest import volume since 2010 when the city was designated as an exclusive zone for meat import.