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Poland and Czech Republic heavily hit by drought

Staff writer ▼ | August 20, 2015
Drought and hot temperatures are not only heavily affecting the Czech Republic, but also its neighbouring countries.
Drought Poland
Drought in Europe   Electricity shortages and problems for farmers
In Poland, the situation has caused electricity shortages and billions of dollars of damage, not only to businesses, but also to agricultural producers. Rivers and lakes are at record low levels.

Polish growers who already expect poor harvests are seeking compensation. To this end, the Ministry of Agriculture is already collecting data from across the country. Only in Mazoveckém Province, close to Warsaw, the authorities have estimated damage at tens of millions of zlotys.

Poor harvests are already reflected in the prices of food. So far, this is mainly the case when it comes to vegetables and fruits.

For example, raspberries, cherries, carrots, potatoes and cabbage have already become more expensive.

For consumers, however, these higher prices will be compensated by the lower costs of meat and milk. Even this, however, may change depending on how long the drought lasts.