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Paraguay finds 25 tons of counterfeit-ready Venezuelan bills

Staff Writer | February 15, 2017
The National Police of Paraguay seized about 25 tons of legal Venezuelan bolivar currency banknotes.
Paraguay bolivar
Those banknotes could have been used to counterfeit U.S. dollar bills.

Most of the banknotes found in the Saltos del Guaira property were in the 50 and 100 bolivar denominations, which are no longer in circulation in Venezuela.

Paraguayan officials said they would count the bills to determine the total worth.

Police arrested Paraguayan national Bruno José Da Costa Amaral, the 39-year-old who owned the property where police found the banknotes who is also suspected of dealing firearms and drugs.

"The paper used for the Venezuelan bills is considered of high quality and it is not ruled out that they are used to counterfeit dollars," the National Police of Paraguay said.