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Pangasius fish exports from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia up 11%

Staff writer ▼ | October 6, 2015
Saudi Arabia is Vietnam's biggest pangasius importing market in the Middle East. Through August, pangasius exports to Saudi Arabia valued $42.46 million, up 11% year on year. This market accounted for 4.2% of pangasius exported from Vietnam.
Vietnam   Pangasius exports to Saudi Arabia valued $42.46 million
From January to August 2015, Vietnamese companies upped pangasius exports to this market. As a result, since May, export value continuously reported significant growth at 16-49% year on year.

Latest data from the International trade Centre (ITC), in 2014, Vietnam was the only pangasius source to Saudi Arabia.

In the first 9 months of 2014, whole fresh, frozen fish (coded HS 0302) made up the largest share in imports of Saudi Arabia.

Tilapia was the species most consumed. On average, each month, this country imported 639-840 MT whole, chilled tilapia and 450-854 MT of frozen tilapia (HS 030323). In addition to tilapia, the Islamic consume much shrimp, sardine and some other sea fish.