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HSBC EMI hits seven-month low
Emerging marketsMarch 6, 2013 ET
Growth in the emerging markets slowed in February to its lowest level for seven months, according to the HSBC Emerging Markets Index (EMI).
China: Google is too strong, we need our OS
China AndroidMarch 6, 2013 ET
Google with its Android mobile operating system has too much control over China's smartphone industry; that has discriminated against some local firms, the technology ministry said.
How social are social networks?
Social networksMarch 5, 2013 ET
The bigger you are, the less you care for your Twitter followers, according to a new study by Positions & Promotions. Among ten biggest Twitter accounts, creative networks are the ones with the best interaction with their fans.
Swiss voters approved plan to limit executive compensation
Swiss referendumMarch 4, 2013 ET
In a referendum on Sunday, nearly 68 percent of Swiss voters in all 26 cantons backed the plan to give company shareholders a veto on big payouts for new and departing managers.
China's navigation system BeiDou fully functional by 2020
BeiDouMarch 4, 2013 ET
China's navigation system BeiDou, a competitor to GPS system and European Galileo, is expected to achieve global coverage by around 2020.
The key point in social networks marketing
Social networks sellingMarch 3, 2013 ET
If you want to use social networks to sell your products in other countries you should pay attention to cultural differences or you can spend a lot of money without visible results.
Norway increases oil and gas estimates by 15%
Norway oilFebruary 27, 2013 ET
Norway raised its estimate for undiscovered resources in the Barents Sea and the area surrounding Jan Mayen by 15 percent, however there are indications that petroleum volumes could be even greater.
In depth: Firefox OS - many cons, just one pro
Mozilla Firefox OSFebruary 25, 2013 ET
Mozilla announced that 18 mobile operators will launch Firefox OS phones. However, that attack on Apple and Android is nothing more than a good student project in building an operating system.
The battle for emerging markets
TabletsFebruary 25, 2013 ET
While Apple and Samsung are engaged in a legal battle, other companies are working to dethrone them both. The battle for emerging markets has just begun and the winner will get a huge prize.
Moody's downgraded UK bonds
Moody's United KingdomFebruary 23, 2013 ET
Moody's Investors Service has downgraded the domestic- and foreign-currency government bond ratings of the United Kingdom to Aa1 from Aaa.
China: We're not ahead of US yet
China exportFebruary 19, 2013 ET
Chinese Ministry Of Commerce reacted (MOFCOM) to some media reports that China's foreign trade value in 2012 has surpassed that of the US. Officials from Foreign Trade Department and MOFCOM corrected the data.
Asia is the next big market for cruise ship operators
Cruise shipFebruary 18, 2013 ET
After luxury fashion brands, cruise ship operators are setting their sights on a growing market of wealthy customers in Asia. An important part of their efforts is customer education.