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Coffee and tea prices falling fast
CoffeeJuly 16, 2013 ET
Coffee and tea farmers in eastern Africa will see a sharp reduction in earnings, following a drop in world prices of the two commodities. Kenya's coffee prices fell to a low of $2.73 per kilogram in May from $3.96 in January
Canadians will forget conventional TV soon
Canada TVJuly 16, 2013 ET
About 16 percent of Canadian adults no longer watch any conventional TV; they strictly stream online content, according to a report by comScore.
More than 2,400 UK bankers received more than 1 million euros
UK bankersJuly 16, 2013 ET
More than 2,400 bankers in the United Kingdom were paid in excess of 1 million euros (870,000 pounds) in 2011, according to EU regulator. More bankers in the UK were paid more than 1 million euros than in any other nation in the EU.
Oil and gas upstream deals $24.9 billion in Q2 2013
Oil and gasJuly 15, 2013 ET
Global M&A oil and gas upstream deal activity for Q2 2013 totaled $24.9 billion in 141 separate transactions with deal values disclosed.
New York State to earn on texting drivers
Text and driveJuly 15, 2013 ET
The number of accidents in the U.S. caused by cellphone use has tripled over the past seven years. In New York State alone there was a 143% increase in cellphone-related accidents between 2005 and 2011.
Maryland to open 5,000 jobs for young people
Maryland young peopleJuly 15, 2013 ET
The state of Maryland and private sector investments in YouthWorks will create more than 5,000 jobs for Baltimore City youth this summer at more than 545 worksites.
ICANN assigned first Arabic Top-Level Domain
dotShabakaJuly 15, 2013 ET
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global regulator of web addresses, entered into a contract with dotShabaka Registry to become the world's first Arabic new Top-Level Domain (TLD).
Mobile ads to rise on a monthly basis
Mobile adsJuly 15, 2013 ET
Mobile advertising is growing fast: new research from Mintel reveals that 76 percent of mobile web users in the United States have seen an ad in the past month.
UK users see no point in 4G
UK 4GJuly 15, 2013 ET
Telecoms an investing a huge amounts of money in new technologies but advantages are not always clear. For example, 30% of UK users can't see the point of 4G.
One camera to rule them eleven in the UK
UK cameraJuly 12, 2013 ET
The British Security Industry Authority (BSIA) estimated there are up to 5.9 million closed-circuit television cameras in the country or, in other words, one for every 11 people.
South Dakota's jobs task force for people with disabilities
Dennis DaugaardJuly 12, 2013 ET
Gov. Dennis Daugaard has announced the formation of a task force to study employing South Dakotans with disabilities as part of his Employment Works! initiative.
Texas lost its top spot as the best state for business
South DakotaJuly 12, 2013 ET
South Dakota is the number one state for business in America's Top States for Business 2013, taking over the first spot from last year's winner Texas.