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Business: Page 1416

Why it's hard to predict oil prices
oilSunday April 5, 2009 6:01PM ET
The lack of data about oil demand makes oil price prediction almost impossible.
Praveen Gupta: Europe must pursue the role of global leadership
Praveen GuptaSunday March 29, 2009 6:01PM ET
What we are seeing is the cumulative effect of over twenty years of gambling with the economy.
Web 2.0 for the real world
bionetsFriday March 13, 2009 1:48AM ET
European researchers working on some of the most fundamental issues facing the future internet paradigm have developed.
Investors gamble as lottery players
lotteryThursday February 26, 2009 5:01PM ET
Personality, age and background influence your investment decisions more than you might think.
Buying experiences more important than possessions
saleThursday February 19, 2009 5:01PM ET
Can money make us happy if we spend it on the right purchases? You won't believe, but no.
Dangerous printer particles
Dangerous printer particlesThursday February 12, 2009 5:18PM ET
Life in the office can be dangerous but not just because of angry coworker or glabal crisis. The thing we all have on our desksmay harm your lungs.
How to connect a reader and an ad
reading poandpo adThursday February 5, 2009 5:30PM ET
A new brain-imaging study is shedding light on what it means to "get lost" in a good book - or your advertisement.
Buy something and forget the crisis
LipstickThursday January 29, 2009 6:41PM ET
Lipstick and takeout food are not a cure for global economic crisis, but they can serve as mood enhancers for consumers.
China increases fragility of global food supply
china foodThursday January 22, 2009 6:16PM ET
Global grain markets are facing breaking point according to new research by the University of Leeds into the agricultural stability of China.
'Green' gasoline from Oklahoma
green earthFriday January 16, 2009 1:23PM ET
University of Oklahoma researchers believe that newer fuels produced from biomass could create alternative energy solutions without changing the current fuel infrastructure.
If you touch, you will buy
hand mugThursday January 8, 2009 6:57PM ET
Consumers are often told that if they break an item, they buy it. But if they just touch an item they may also end up buying it.
Don't think! Don't think!
decisionsThursday December 25, 2008 7:20PM ET
At this time of year we must make the hardest decision of the year. To give a wrong present, well... it would be a disaster. So, how to make the decision?