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Owners go to court to demand fuel looted by U.S.

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 4, 2020
The owners of four shipments of Iranian fuel that were looted at high seas by the United States demanded their rights on it by filing a lawsuit against Washington, local media reported on Wednesday.
Owners   Bella
The US Administration said that it had seized 1.116 billion barrels of crude oil in August, because the shipments were bound for Venezuela, in violation of the sanctions imposed by Washington to overthrow the Nicolas Maduro Government.

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According to the lawsuit submitted to the Court of the District of Columbia, in the United States, the fuel had been sold to Peru and Colombia.

Iran denied information published by US media, saying that neither the ships nor the cargo nor its owners had relations with the Islamic Republic.

Later, the US assured that the ships belonged to Greece, but they were in fact owned by companies from other countries.

Mobin International Limited, based in the United Arab Emirates, confirmed its ownership of the cargo on board the tankers Bella and Bering; Oman Fuel, registered in the United Kingdom, owned the fuel in the ships Pandi and Luna; and Sohar Fuel, from Oman, said that it owned part of the cargo in the ship Luna.

The managers of the four shipping companies said that the fuel had been sold to the firm Citi Energy FZC, from the United Arab Emirates, to be paid on delivery, but the payment was interrupted by the confiscation.