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One-third of inbound goods in the Netherlands are in transit

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Staff Writer | December 13, 2017
In 2016, the Netherlands received 185 billion kg of goods which were destined for transit.
Netherlands port
Trade   Statistics Netherlands:
Nearly 85 percent of these goods arrived by seagoing vessel. Upon entry, two-thirds of the goods were carried out to Belgium, Germany, France or the UK.

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports these figures as part of its first publication containing detailed data on transit trade in the Netherlands.

This publication is co-financed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and comprises a more in-depth analysis of goods flows. It has been published (in Dutch only) as a background article.

In total, the Netherlands received 590 billion kg of goods from abroad in 2016. More than half were destined for either transit or re-exportation to other countries.

Altogether 547 billion kg of goods left the Netherlands again, including 212 billion kg of transit goods.

Goods in transit trade remain under foreign ownership and are reloaded onto other means of transport or stored (temporarily) while in the Netherlands, with the Netherlands acting as distribution centre for such goods.

In the case of re-exports, goods are temporarily under Dutch ownership and often undergo minimal processing before being shipped abroad. Re-exports form part of Dutch imports and exports, while transit goods do not.