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Norwegian guest nights closer to a normal level

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 31, 2020
The number of Norwegian guest nights decreased by 18 per cent in June this year compared to June last year.
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After several months of a dramatic decline in Norwegian guest nights, there were almost as many Norwegian guest nights as in June 2010.

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Foreign guest nights declined by 92 per cent.

Measures introduced in March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus had dramatic consequences on commercial accommodation establishments.

As the restrictions were mostly concerning the lack of foreign tourism, this had a major impact on total guest nights in June, which normally is a popular month for foreign travellers.

There were 20 per cent more Norwegian guest nights at camping sites in June this year compared to June last year. This is part of a longer trend during the corona-pandemic that we have seen over the past three months, which is that camping sites have seen a smaller decline than other types of accommodation.

There were 56 per cent fewer guest nights at Norwegian hotels in June 2020 compared to June 2019. Norwegian guest nights declined by 37 per cent, while foreign guest nights declined by 91 per cent.