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Norway planning longest road tunnel ever constructed

Staff Writer | October 18, 2016
Norway is now drawing up plans for a road tunnel mega project. The Rogfast tunnel will be record beating link when it is complete as it will run for a total of 27km.
Transportation   At depths reaching 390m below sea level
This will make it the longest road tunnel ever constructed and at depths reaching 390m below sea level, also the world’s deepest.

The route runs from Randaberg, close to the city of Stavanger, to Bokn, in Rogaland, with an additional spur connecting to the island of Kvitsøy.

The first stages of the construction work are expected to commence in 2017 although many of the technical aspects have still to be determined. The Norwegian Government has set a budget of €10.78 million for the design and construction of the link.

Because of the extreme length of the tunnel it will set many precedents in terms of engineering.

And novel techniques for ensuring that drivers do not suffer from fatigue at the wheel are being evaluated as part of the plan.