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New Zealand ports warn of possible seize-up this week

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 30, 2020
In New Zealand's ports, a pile-up is looming that will restrict the movement of food and medical supplies if non-essential freight destined for closed businesses can't be cleared, Road Transport Forum chief executive Nick Leggett has warned.
Nick Leggett
Road Transport Forum chief executive   Nick Leggett
"All manner" of freight could arrive at the same time on cargo ships, he said.

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"We now have a situation where many businesses that receive some of that freight are closed and there is nowhere for it to go.

"The issue with non-essential goods is you can remove them from the port, but if there's nobody at the receiving end at work, where do you put them?' The Government needed to recognise that "all freight must move" during New Zealand's coronavirus lockdown, and not just essential items."

As reported on , he forecast "constipation" at the ports and massive problems, if the issue wasn't addressed.