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Netherlands offshore wind farm Borssele cheapest world wide

Staff Writer | July 7, 2016
The cost of building and operating the Borssele offshore wind farm is expected to be €2.3 billion cheaper than previously estimated.
Green energy   The goal of 16% sustainable energy in 2023
Moreover, the 700 MW wind farm will generate 22.5% more electricity than anticipated.

The lower than anticipated price follows fierce competition between companies in the public tender to secure the permit and associated subsidy to build and operate the wind farm.

Overall, there were 38 bids, with Danish offshore wind developer, Dong Energy, submitting the winning bid. The wind farm is expected to be completed in mid-2020 and will be constructed more than 22 km off the coast of the province of Zeeland.

One million households will be provided with electricity generated by the 700 MW wind farm off the coast of Borssele.

Four additional offshore wind farms, each 700 MW, will follow in the coming years, also off the coast of the provinces of North and South Holland. Combined, these five wind farms will have a combined capacity of 3,500 MW, generating enough electricity for more than five million households.

This a major contribution to the Netherlands goal of 16% sustainable energy in 2023. The size makes this project unique. In comparison, the largest offshore wind farm in Europe at the moment is the 630 MW London Array project.

Meantime, the average size of offshore wind farms built in 2015 in Europe had a capacity of 337.9 MW.