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Myanmar earns over 907 million USD from mineral export in 4 months

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 11, 2020
Myanmar earned over 907 million U.S. dollars from mineral export in the first four months of present fiscal year (FY) 2019-2020 which started in October, according to figures of the Ministry of Commerce.
Myanmar mine
Mining in Myanmar   Myanmar mine
This figure increased by 579 million U.S. dollars, compared to the same period of last FY 2018-2019 when it fetched over 328 million U.S. dollars.

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During the period, the mineral sector ranked the third place with most export value, following the manufacturing and agriculture sectors among other export.

Meanwhile, the country's export value totaled over 6.1 billion U.S. dollars from Oct. 1, 2019 to Jan. 31, the ministry's figures said.

Myanmar mainly exports agricultural products, animal products, marine products, minerals, forest products, manufacturing goods and others to foreign trade partner countries.