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More women in leading roles in business

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Staff writer ▼ | December 8, 2014
The China Association of Women Entrepreneurs (CAWE) released the 2014 Chinese female entrepreneur development report at the 15th International Forum of Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in Beijing.
Chinese women
Beijing   15th International Forum of Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs
The CAWE interviewed more than 1,000 businesswomen during the past two years and said that more and more females play a leading role in companies. Among the informants, about 66.3 percent of businesswomen controlled 50 percent of the shares in their companies, and 46.5 percent of businesswomen held 75 percent of the stock shares in their companies.

The ambition to start a business is more intense among females with a high educational background. Based on the report, 58.5 percent of businesswomen graduated from university, and among these businesswomen, 26 percent have a master degree.

Chinese female entrepreneurs should grasp the opportunity to promote company development as China transitions toward a more open, market-oriented economy, Gu Xiulian vice chairwoman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress said at the forum.

Zhu Rui, the president of the CAWE, said that female entrepreneurs are necessary forces to drive the world's economic and social development. Compared to male business leaders, females are more cautious, precise and sensible with company management, she added.

The International Forum of Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs started in 2000. It provides a platform for female entrepreneurs in China to share information, ideas and opinions.