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Minnesota top state on job creation index

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Staff writer ▼ | January 29, 2016
Minnesota led the 50 states on Gallup's Job Creation Index with an average score in 2015 of +38.
Jobs   Reports of hiring activity
The index is based on workers' reports of hiring activity at their place of employment. Georgia and Utah were next at +36. North Dakota, which had been the top overall state each of the last six years, remains in the top 10.

The remainder of the top-performing states include Delaware, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin. The five states tying for 10th place are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Washington.

In 2015, an average of 46% of working Minnesotans said their place of employment was hiring workers and expanding the size of its workforce, compared with 8% who said their employer was letting workers go and reducing the size of its workforce.

This results in a Job Creation Index score of +38 for Minnesota. Nationally, the average score for 2015 was +30 (42% hiring, 12% letting go). The results for each of the 50 states are presented at the end of the article.