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Mexican government announces it can freeze bank accounts

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | May 24, 2019
The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico may "freeze" bank accounts without requesting judicial authorization when there is a petition from a foreign authority, it was announced on Thursday.
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The Second Chamber of the National Supreme Court of Justice determined this, according to which judges cannot grant provisional suspensions to those affected by these measures.

According to the information provided to the press, the Ministers of the Second Chamber established that 'for the fulfillment of the international commitments assumed by the Mexican State, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) can validly order to block a bank account, but only when this is done on occasion of a request made by a competent authority of another country.

It unanimously established the rules that federal judges should apply to analyze the origin of the provisional suspension when an amparo trial demands a blockade of bank accounts that originates from a FIU order, which in recent weeks it has carried out several remarks of accounts to physical and moral persons that presumably have committed illegal acts.

The Court determined that 'granting provisional suspension is possible in these kind of affairs,' but that measure 'will not be effective when the blockade is due to an express request made by a competent foreign authority or by an international organization, based on a bilateral or multilateral treaty.'