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Manufacturing spends most energy in Turkey

Staff Writer | September 21, 2018
In the year of 2017, the energy consumption in Turkey was 91 million 370 thousand 932 TOE in industry while it is 15 million 894 thousand 461 TOE in service sectors.
Turkey clear energy
Turkey   Manufacturing was the most electricity consumed sector
The highest shares in total energy consumption are; manufacturing 42.2%, electricity, gas and steam production and distribution 40% and transportation and storage 10.2%.

Looking at the yearly consumptions; natural gas was the most consumed fuel in 2017. Total consumption of natural gas, CNG and LNG was 29 million 592 thousand 327 TOE. The other important fuels consumed were hard coal with 19 million 640 thousand 806 TOE, lignite and asphaltite with 12 million 721 thousand 630 TOE.

According to sectoral distribution 62% of final energy consumption realized in manufacturing sector in 2017. This ratio was 20.8% for transportation and storage while it is 3.8% for wholesale and retail trade sector.

Manufacturing was the most electricity consumed sector with 91 million 870 thousand 286 MWh. The share of manufacturing was 66.2%, electricity, gas and steam production and distribution was 7.2% and wholesale and retail trade sector was 6.7% in total electricity consumption. On the other hand, regarding the usage areas of electricity; 78.6% of it was consumed for goods and services production while 10.8% was used for lightening and electrical office equipments.

With respect to the energy usage areas, 42.9% of energy consumption realized for electricity generation. This ratio was 33.4% for production of goods and services.

17 million 505 thousand 128 TOE natural gas was consumed for electricity generation. Hard coal was in the second place with 11 million 663 thousand 653 TOE.