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Manufacturing jobs showed employment growth of 4% or higher

Staff writer ▼ | October 2, 2015
While the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the U.S. manufacturing industry has experienced little net change in overall employment in 2015, Aerotek reports that manufacturing jobs in the fastest-growing industries have shown employment growth of 4% or higher in 2014 – 2015.
Report   California ranks high in manufacturing
The growth in the industries was:

Automobile Electronics 17.1%
Cosmetic & Beauty Products 5.8%
Breweries 5.3%
Wineries 5.1%
Train, Subway and Transit Cars 5%
Wood Paneling 4.8%
Mineral Products 4.2%
Engine & Turbine 4.2%
SUV & Light Trucks 4.1%
Boats 4.1%

According to Aerotek's findings, California is the largest manufacturer for several of the fastest-growing industries, accounting for 11.4% of Automobile Electronics; 22.9% of Cosmetic & Beauty Products; 11.4% of Breweries; 42.7% of Wineries; 9% of Engine & Turbine; and 6.9% of Wood Paneling manufacturing in the U.S.

The top states for manufacturing across the other industries include:

Pennsylvania - 17.5% of Train, Subway and Transit Cars
Texas - 8% of Mineral Products
Michigan - 9.7% of SUV & Light Trucks
Florida - 17.7% of Boats