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Lithuanian carriers' association in talks with IRU on EUR 4.8m in compensation

Staff Writer | May 25, 2017
Lithuanian's national road carriers' association Linava is in talks with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) on 4.8 million euros in compensation for overpaying for TIR carnets, reports LETA/BNS.
Lithuania trucks
Transport   The IRU will pay Lithuania 4.8 million euros
"We are unwilling to comment until the talks are over, because this is still theoretical money.

"Linava's members know that a working group has been appointed for the negotiations and that the talks with the IRU are underway," he said.

According to Mikenas, the IRU's proposal for 4.8 million euros in compensation has already been discussed by Linava's presidium and a final agreement is expected to be reached in June.

However, the Lithuanian association finds certain points of the agreement, such as a waiver of any future claims regarding overpayments for TIR carnets, unacceptable.

"We met with the IRU's leadership last week and we have until Jun. 20 to give an answer as to whether or not we accept the offer. That condition (a waiver of claims) is not acceptable to us," he said.

The news website reported in late March that Linava on Mar. 7 received the IRU's offer for compensation for TIR carnets, with 3.5 mln euros to be paid in cash and 1.3 mln euros allocated to a newly-established fund.

The IRU will pay Lithuania 4.8 million euros in compensation after all of its 138 members agree on proposals. However, Romanian and Moldovan associations oppose such agreements.

Marek Retelski, who led the IRU's TIR department, last year turned to Swiss law-enforcement bodies, claiming that the IRU had hid 510 million euros of TIR carnet fees in offshore tax havens.