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Lebanon's hotel occupancy rate drops 80 percent

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 25, 2020
Hotel occupancy rate in Lebanon has dropped 80 percent since last September, according to the head of the hotel owners' union, Pierre Achkar.
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What was once Lebanon's star economic sector is going to ruin, he said in a statement published the local media.

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In addition to the low occupancy rate, nearly 800 restaurants, cafes and clubs have been forced to close, especially in and around the central part of the capital, where anti government protesters have been gathering since October 17.

In Achkar's opinion, this is the worst scenario in the past 50 years for the 542 Lebanese hotels, of which about 200 are located in the capital.

So far, none has closed, but if the situation persists, many will be put out of business, he predicted.