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Large hydro power plant in Romania to be modernized with 82m euros

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Staff writer ▼ | May 31, 2016
One of the largest hydro power plants in Romania, the Vidraru plant, will be refurbished for the first time.
Water energy   The dam, the lake, and the turbines will be modernized
The dam, the lake, and the turbines will be modernized and strengthened. The work will last four and a half years and will cost EUR 82 million, without VAT, reports local Economica.net. The contract will be awarded via a public tender.

The plant, which was built in the ‘60s, has an installed power of 220 MW.

State-owned Hidroelectrica, the country’s largest power producer plans EUR 250 million investments this year. The company will inaugurate the 12-MW plant in Bretea, following an investment of EUR 50 million. It also plans to sign the refurbishment contracts for the Raul Mare-Retezat and Mariselu plants this year.

Hidroelectrica estimates a gross profit of EUR 288 million this year, the highest in the company’s history.