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Just over half of Americans own stocks, matching record low

Staff writer ▼ | April 22, 2016
With the Dow Jones industrial average near its record high, slightly more than half of Americans (52%) say they currently have money in the stock market.
Survey   Views of stocks as the best long-term investment dipped
Thi is matching the lowest ownership rate in Gallup's 19-year trend. In 2007, nearly two in three American adults (65%) reported investing in the stock market, the high in Gallup's selected trend on this question for April of each year.

But this percentage shrank each year from 2008 to 2013 as the effects of the Great Recession and big market losses took their toll on Americans' sense of job security, confidence in the economy and financial means to invest - as well as their general confidence in stocks as a place to invest their money.

Though the Dow Jones industrial average has made great gains since bottoming out in 2009, Americans' stock ownership has yet to recover to the level reported prior to the recession.

There were modest gains in the percentage of Americans with stock investments in 2014 and 2015, but reported ownership fell back this year, possibly because of the Dow's tumultuous performance over the past year.

Americans' views of stocks as the best long-term investment also dipped this year.